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Endoscopic Brain Surgery
“Less is more" Mies vander Rohe

In collaboration with James Sidman, M.D., a well-known ENT specialist, Dr. Casey developed a pioneering approach to entering the front portion of the brain utilizing an endoscope. This part of the brain includes the pituitary gland, the optic nerves and related structures. In 1992 they presented their approach to the International Skull Base Society and shortly thereafter it became one of the standards of care for surgery in this area. Dr. Casey utilizes the endoscope as a primary tool for several procedures, and as an adjuncts to common procedures, such as the Microvascular decompression or ventricular surgery. This provides additional visualization without additional trauma.

As a result, Dr. Casey has performed surgery using this technique for over two decades. The endoscope has become a primary adjunct tool for the neurosurgeon which decreases recovery time for the patient. But, to paraphrase McCullough, the endoscope does not do the surgery, the surgeon does. All the more reason to select a surgeon with a vast experience utilizing the tool.