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Our office staff will work with your carrier to facilitate documentation and coverage for your visit. If you require surgery, we work with your insurance company to reach an amicable arrangement. Each year we see many patients from out of state with minimal problems with the network of the carriers.

Medical records
Whenever possible, I like to read the relevant portions of your records in advance of the visit. This includes letters from your primary physician and appropriate specialists in the three years preceding your appointment. In this fashion, we can order relevant testing prior to your visit, making it easier to complete in your hometown. Additionally, with all the testing in hand, we can be more comprehensive during your appointment.

On the day of your visit, all imaging studies (X-Rays, CT Scans, and MRIs) should be hand carried to the visit. While the report from the local radiologists is quite helpful, as a surgeon, I will want to review the actual images with you, during our office visit.

While at the Beaumont Health Grosse Pointe, there are several choices to stay in nearby
Roseville. The hospital is located 28 miles from Detroit Metropolitan Airport while Beaumont Health Trenton is located 16 miles. Here are some helpful links to hotel options in Roseville:

Red Roof Inn
Baymont Inn
Holiday Inn Express

What is the average length of stay if I am having surgery?
Patients who are undergoing cranial nerve surgery usually spend one to two days in the hospital. We arrange to follow up with them in two or three day after that. Most patients can depart on the fourth day following surgery, if they wish. We notify your primary physician of your outcome and subsequent plans on the day of surgery. We would like to stay in electronic touch via e-mail, regular mail, or telephone over the years to be able to add your success to our database.

Why Beaumont Health?
This dynamic medical system has expanded to meet the growing needs and sophisticated demands of the health care sector. Offering modern, updated facilities with decimated personnel, Beaumont Health Grosse Pointe, and Trenton, are poised to get you back on the road to health quickly.