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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Our goal is to seek maximal impact with minimal access

Starting from a solid nonoperative treatment base, occasionally patients require spine surgery. We have expertise in endoscopic-assisted surgery and open instrumentation of the spinal column. These techniques span the breadth of most spine and spinal column problems.

This unique approach to the spine was obtained through a partnership with Parviz Kambin M.D., a pioneer in this area. We remain outside of the spinal sac and work around it rather than through it. This decreases scarring and later problems seen with more traditional surgery, which removes the bone and works around the spinal sac to get the disc materials.

Occasionally, spinal fusions and instrumentation are necessary and we use techniques learned at the University of Pittsburgh with Ed Hanley, MD and Dana Mears, MD leaders in this field.

Our practice also cooperates with several well known physiatrists and physical medicine specialists. If you may benefit from physical therapy alone, we will make that happen for you as well.