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Pain Management

Pain management is a team sport

For 20 years Dr. Casey has been involved in several different teams throughout the country as a director of a Pain Management Center and co-director at another institution.

Pain management has shifted, and so has the surgeonís role. We use nonoperative therapies as a primary approach. The use of local blocks and pain management infusions has added to patient satisfaction. The use of x-ray directed blocks can provide diagnostic and therapeutic help for patients in pain. The surgical management of pain involves a thorough understanding of what is broken along with a fresh innovative look at ways to fix it.

We are currently developing new techniques involving transcranial magnetic stimulators, infrared light, and topical therapies. We perform motor cortex stimulation for complex facial pain, pain following stroke, and rehabilitation following stroke. This has revolutionized the care of these formerly difficult to treat situations.

On our pain management team the local physician remains the head coach, the patient takes the position of quarterback, and the rest of the health care team comprises the remaining team members.