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Recent Testimonials

Dr. Casey:
I want to share with you the happy ending to the 3rd MVD surgery ..... which you performed at Oakwood Southshore. About two weeks ago I realized that my face was quiet and I was not experiencing any spasms or twitches at all. It seems that when one no longer experiences something such as spasms that one does not think of them. So I began counting the days and I can say that for the past two weeks I have been spasm free. For this I give thanks to God and thanks to you for what you did for me. ......There were times when I doubted and wondered if I would every be spasm-free again and just prayed that if not that I would have the grace to endure...... my husband and I are quick to give thanks to God and thanks to you, Dr. Casey. I am delighted to share this MVD outcome with you.
Blessings on you and your continued service,
M. L.

Hello Dr. Casey,
I found you on the internet after researching my illness and going to many doctors, you successfully performed my surgery....I thank God for answering my prayers when He sent my angel (you) into my life. You are the kindest person I've ever met, your patience, warmth and concern will never be forgotten by myself or my family.
Gratefully yours,
L. B. Michigan

Dr. Casey is truly a great physician. He thoroughly explains your procedure and what to expect after surgery. He takes time to answer your questions.
Southshore Medical Center patient

Dr. Kenneth Casey is a warm and compassionate doctor. I would not have trusted anyone else with this surgery (MVD).
J. M.

Dr. Casey,
I can't thank you enough for everything.....I have suffered for a year and I am finally feeling better.......You listened when no one else would. Thank you so much.
A. O.

Dr. Casey,
I want you to know how thankful I am to you and the skill that God has blessed you with to help people. A mere thank you is not enough to express how grateful and happy I am to finally be able to enjoy life again without the shame and anxiety that the spasms caused. I feel alive again! and I can SMILE :) Thank you.
C. G.

Dear Dr. Casey,
This is just a note to wish you a Happy New Year and give you an update on my status. I had microvascular decompression surgery (and) 1 year and 4 months later I feel great. I have an occasional tingle on the right side in the area of the temple, which I have had since the operation. It is very rare and does not bother me. Also, one side of the incision feels rough and is ever so tender, and has been that way since the surgery. This also does not bother me but I wanted to make a note of it.
D. W.

First of all I would to take a few minutes to thank you for taking time out of your day to speak at Saturday’s TN support group event in Austin, Texas.I have been a TN patient for 3 years and have been searching for ways to educate myself regarding the condition I am now living with as well as my options as a patient.The wealth of information that I gained on Saturday has given me new hope and for that I am grateful.Thank you for the work you do and the time you spend educating others.
Warmest Regards,
L. D. Texas

Hi Dr. Casey,
I hope this finds you well and enjoying your summer!It has been 2 years today since my MVD surgery. I am happy to report that I am still spasm free! I will always be grateful to your and the good Lord for making this happen. Again, I thank you!
Take care,
S. D.